Report: Steam Controller Will be in Your Hands By November

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A source close to PC Gamer says that the controller will be released in “October or November.”

If you weren’t one of the lucky few selected to take part in Valve’s Steam Machines hardware beta, you’re no doubt curious to get your hands on its funky controller, with its odd touch pads in the place of thumbsticks. Well, according to a source close to PC Gamer, we, unfortunately, probably won’t be getting our hands on them until November.

The source claimed to have knowledge of Valve’s Steam Machines project, and said at PAX East that Valve’s Steam Controller will release in October or November of 2014. It added that added that the completion of the controller is what the Steam Machine hardware manufacturers are waiting on, meaning that the machines themselves should also start shipping out around the same time.

Lastly, the source also claimed that they expect “about 500” games to be natively playable on SteamOS by the end of this year, up from the current count of 382.

The controller, which when it was first revealed featured four buttons around a central touch-screen, has since been redesigned to incorporate a more traditional button layout. The touchpads though, which Valve claims will give the controller precision on par with a keyboard and mouse, are still present.

Will you be picking up a Steam Controller? I will be most likely getting one for my PC, just for when I want to play a “console” type game (like Castle Crashers), as currently trying to get any non-Xbox 360 controller working with the Steam library is a nightmare.

Source: PC Gamer

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