Researchers Have Discovered “The Largest Great White Ever Filmed”


Meet Deep Blue: A 20-foot, pregnant great white shark that was captured in this astounding footage.

She’s apparently “the largest Great White ever captured on film,” and although this video was shot back in 2013, it has only recently been making it’s way around the Internet. My guess: the government held onto it fearing the mass hysteria it would invoke. (Smart move, Obama.)

Spotted 150 miles off the coast of off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, this 50 year-old dinosaur bears its name from the groundbreaking 1999 documentary Deep Blue Something fan.

The most unbelievable thing about this seabeast? That there are people out there who actually want to SAVE IT! As Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, the director-general of the nonprofit marine research organization Pelagios-Kakunjá, wrote on his Facebook page:

During November and December, we have seen several White Shark pregnant females like DEEP BLUE in Guadulupe Island feeding on seals, satisfying their needs to feed their pups.

They remain in this protected area for a few months but now there is a new challenge. This amazingly enormous female is carrying several little baby White Sharks, just waiting to be free in the Ocean. When White Sharks about about to give birth, they get close to the shore and deliver their pups in shallow areas, known as nursery grounds, who are full of food and free of predators. Unfortunately, these areas are close to shore and very vulnerable to several human threats and DEEP BLUE, her pups and fellow White Sharks need your help!

Right, like I’m going to go out of my way to help the nefarious being that will surely bring about the Sharkpocalypse. Wake up, Padilla! There’s going to be a breakfast at Tiffany’s, alright, except Tiffany’s is actually the ocean and you’re on the menu!

I just pray to God that a tornado never sweeps through the waters in which Deep Blue lies, or we’re all doomed.

Source: ABC News

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