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Mugglecast, now spanning six episodes, is one of the more popular Potter broadcasts, and so we have chosen to review it first. Periodically they team up with the Leaky Cauldron’s PotterCast for a joint broadcast. provides summaries of the Mugglecasts to date. (warning: spoilers)

MuggleCast Episode 5
Unsure on release Date. 09/03/2005
Length: 37:16
Frequency: 64Kbps Mono
News/Editorial with jokes.

Comments on Mike Newell and the Goblet of Fire movie,
Weekly Harry Potter news releases,
Update on a contest being run until the release of MuggleCast #6.
Information on a new blog related to the Podcast.
The main Topic was recent comments on the Goblet of Fire movie regarding the number of scenes shot in the classrooms.
Viewer voice mail, answered some viewer questions.

Sound Quality: 3 (while the sound quality was alright, the volume tended to get almost painfully loud suddenly a few times.)

Broadcaster Quality: 3.5 Fair bit of giggling and off topic commentary. Could use with some more editing. Jaime Lawerence, the British Dude seemed the most professional of the group. Rest seemed fairly young, though that’s not a mark against them, it just comes across in their demeanor.

Content: 3.5. Fairly indicative of what you would except from a Harry Potter podcast.

Overall Score: 10/15

The podcast could definitely use another editing pass, one of the announcers also dropped the F-Bomb during one moment of excited cross-talk. If this podcast is intended for a younger audience, they need to keep an eye out for those, and excise them from the final podcast.

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