Arcade wizard Richie Knucklez crushes the long-standing world record high score in Space Invaders.

Richie Knucklez – not to be confused with help line operator extraordinaire Rich Knuckles – is something of a legend in old-school arcade circles. Not only is he the owner of Richie Knucklez’ Arcade Games, where all the greats come to make their mark, but he’s also a pretty hot hand at the stand-ups himself. He recently set a new Space Invaders world record and he didn’t just beat the old mark, he crushed it.

The previous record of 55,160 points, set by Donald Hayes, has stood since 2003, but Knuckles more than doubled it, ringing up 110,510 points in an October 7 session verified by Twin Galaxies. Knuckles actually credited Hayes with putting him on the path to the record, telling the Examiner, “He and I played a few times and he showed me some good techniques that I tweaked. He taught me the basics with counting the shots for 300 points and I tweaked it in a way that I could score at a faster rate.”

He’s also chosen to play Space Invaders at a November arcade marathon event at the Twin Galaxies Videogame Festival in Ottumwa, Iowa, despite the presence of a “kill screen bug” that sometimes mistakenly registers collisions with the player’s ship, causing the loss of a life. “I am going to throw myself at the mercy of the arcade gods and hope the random ‘whammies’ don’t beat me up too bad,” he said.

via: Kotaku

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