Rockstar Unveils Max Payne 3 Special Edition


Max Payne 3 is getting a rather pricey “special edition” treatment.

Rockstar seems to be putting a lot of effort into reviving the moribund Max Payne franchise, so it’s not too surprising to learn that the upcoming Max Payne 3 will be available in a “definitive premium” and rather expensive special edition. It includes:

  • A copy of the game, and yes, this probably goes without saying but I’m covering all the bases here
  • A ten-inch-tall statue of Max Payne created by TriForce
  • “Game-inspired still life art prints that depict some of Max Payne’s inner demons and vices”
  • Bullet keychain made of copper and brass-plated iron
  • The “Classic Multiplayer Character Pack” featuring eight multiplayer character skins from the original Max Payne games, including Mona Sax, Vladimir Lem and the original Max Payne
  • The “Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons Pack,” which includes devastating weaponry like the Hammerhead Auto Shotgun, the G9 Grenade Launcher and Molotov cocktail
  • Official Max Payne 3 soundtrack

This probably won’t come as much of a shock but the Max Payne 3 Special Edition isn’t cheap, going for the rather baffling $99.99/£99.99 [$157]/€109.99 [$149] depending on your locale. Is it worth that kind of extra coin? To each his own and all that, and it would be easier to judge if I wasn’t quite so suspicious that “still life art print” is just a fancy way of saying “postcard,” but at this point I’m really just not seeing it.

The Max Payne 3 Special Edition will be available for preorder until January 15, 2012, or “while supplies last,” which sounds like a bluff to me. Max Payne 3 comes out in March 2012.

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