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RoleCraft: Link Farming 3


RoleCraft isn’t the only place where you can find roleplaying info on the interwebs. During the course of my day, I am given and locating sites which are directly related to or merely referencing some aspect of roleplaying, and I consider it part of my duty to help keep my fellow roleplayers informed as much as possible. Here then is the third article in the Link Farming series, once again bringing you a few links to RP related websites as I have found them. Enjoy!

Geek’s Dream Girl – Dungeons & Dragons

My first and most recent new favorite RP-lovin’ blog link comes by way of Geek’s Dream Girl, the self-proclaimed ‘Mistress of Geek Matchmaking’. The site’s primary purpose is exactly that, helping geeks find other geeks to love or roll saves against. Every so often, there’s an RP article published, mainly dealing with D&D RP, which have all been compiled into a single easily found section reached through the link above. Take a day and read through all the RP knowledge offered here. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

ORCs – The Orc Roleplaying Community

“The Orc Roleplaying Community Site is dedicated to the pen & paper and computer roleplaying gamers who have chosen the orc race as their player character. The intent of this site is to be an information archive for all materials relating to roleplaying orcs in any fantasy or science fiction setting.”

The site seemingly hasn’t been updated in nearly a year, but the information that has been posted is solid and worth referencing. ORCS is the only site I’ve found so far that provides general and specific info about orc names, language, and culture, based heavily on Tolkien’s work. There’s also a section on fiction and resource books that expand the potential ideas for roleplaying an orc above and beyond what you might have thought of. ORCS is most definitely worth bookmarking.

The Problem with Character Backgrounds

Creating a character background is one of those sticklers that seem to always be stopping wanna be roleplayers in their tracks. Even amongst avid roleplayers, character backgrounds remain a regular point of argument and discussion. This article at the REALMS site is yet another well written attempt at helping alleviate the problems faced with writing a character background.

Building Better Characters #15: Backgrounds 550: The Graduate Course

In case the previous article was too basic or not enough information for you, RPGnet has this “long dissertation on applying mathematical principles to analyze and use backgrounds.” Don’t fear if math isn’t your friend. It’s not mine, either, and the explanation here was easy for me to understand. Give it a thorough read and try it for yourself.

The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is an excellent resource site for roleplayers who thrive in the guise of the thief and rogue personas. Though it’s geared towards the D&D roleplayer, there is enough info here to provide at least some spark of inspiration to roleplayers of other games. Sections include poisons, traps, and even riddles, but I find the section on Thieve’s Cant to be most useful.

A Brief Guide to Roleplay

Sticking with the basics is always a great way to get into roleplaying, and has even helped me with challenges I’ve faced after years of roleplaying. This World of Warcraft-centric beginner article may be just be the one that speaks to you, whether you’re starting fresh into roleplaying, or looking for a fresh insight.

The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Test

“This test is all about roleplaying – how you roleplay, where you’ve played, what kind of games you know and your style of play.”

Just for fun, and you can compare with my score below. Role on!

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