RoleCraft: Link Farming 4

RoleCraft isn’t the only place where you can find roleplaying info online. During the course of my day, I am given and locating sites which are directly related to or merely referencing some aspect of roleplaying, and I consider it part of my duty to help keep my fellow roleplayers informed as much as possible. Here then is the fourth article in the Link Farming series, once again bringing you a few links to RP related websites as I have found them. Enjoy!
Age of Conan Role-players

This site is dedicated to Age of Conan role-players active on the Cimmeria Server.

“The most savage dwelling of roleplayers in Hyboria!” Man, I love that line. Makes me wanna subscribe and role a character today. If any readers want to send more AoC RP info my way, I would be greatly thankful.

AION Roleplayers

AION Roleplayers is a role-player community for AION featuring forums, a calendar and a wiki. Here you will find information about AION, player stories, Legion recruitment and more. Register today!

One of the newest additions to the MMORPG family is NCSoft’s Aion, released this past September. It has quickly been gaining the attention of many regular MMORPG’ers, roleplayers included. This website looks to be the best place for all your Aion RP info.


Welcome to Champions Online Role Players or CORP for short! As we all know, the Champions universe started on the tabletop PnP game where roleplaying and immersion was required in order to complete tasks in an evolving storyline. The spirit will continue on in Champions Online as this will be a place to socialize with other roleplayers, show your characters, write in your own journal and fan fiction, recruit and create a group for your superteam and post events!

Champions Online is Cryptic Studios’ super hero MMORPG world, a rendering of the original Champions tabletop RPG from back in 1981. CORP is the site where those old and new roleplayers can gather under the same cape, err, banner.

The Role-Player’s Guide to Multiplayer Neverwinter Nights

A guide intended to introduce new players to multiplayer Neverwinter Nights and give some suggestions and tips for how to get the most out of the experience. Ideas on character creation, how to be ‘in-character’, some multiplayer ‘no-no’s and more. Great for ‘newbies,’ but even experienced role-players may find a helpful hint or two. Not designed to be ‘rules’ for how to role-play, just some collective thoughts on things that make the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Even though it’s not an official MMORPG, Neverwinter Nights is still a game to be reckoned with. The RP draw is strong here, in that it may be the closest thing to being able to play classic style Dungeons & Dragons on the computer. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you do.

Roleplayer’s Haven

Roleplayer’s Haven (or just “the Haven”) is a community of roleplayers from the Shadow Council server on World of Warcraft. The community is served by a website (where you’re at now), a chat channel in WoW and a wiki page (under construction). The purpose is to provide a place where role-players of all stripes can come together, share stories, co-ordinate events, gather and post information, and supply a resource for new and veteran role-players alike.

Gotta show some love for the World of Warcraft RP brethren, because I know they simply don’t get enough. I never rolled on the Shadow Council realm. Perhaps I will once the Cataclysm expansion arrives. Can anyone tell me the quality of RP there?


RolePlayGateway is a community dedicated to online, text based role-playing games, their players, and other skills and pastimes associated with role-playing, be it anything ranging from casino gambling to D&D and everything in between.

Some may cringe at the thought of text RP, associating it with nothing more than cybering. However, text RP goes way beyond that. Think for a moment: in which current graphical MMORPG do YOU get to create the world? You don’t, but that’s exactly what you can do with free form text RP. Roleplay your way.

World of Roleplayers Radio

World of Roleplayers Radio is a streaming Internet radio station, news site, and gamer community, by gamers for gamers. It is an international partnership dedicated to bridging the gap between game companies and game players through online broadcasting and content twenty-four hours a day.

In my non-Zen moments here at my desk, I have music playing. WoR Radio is one of those streaming stations ranked in my top ten list.They play an immensely wide variety of music styles, and I’m often digging an old classic one moment, then hearing something entirely new the next. WoR Radio is excellent for those spaces in between game RP sessions.

Save the Roleplayers!

Of course, today, steps are being taken by concerned citizens all across the virtual world to protect the roleplayer. In more and more games, special wildlife preserves, called RP Servers, have been set up so that our most fragile and special species can still flourish in a protected habitat. But it may be too late. Certainly it is too late for Jon.

Lastly comes an article published back in July 2005 at one of my favorite online gaming magazines, The Escapist. Save the Roleplayers! is a humorous account of two avid roleplayers, and how our whole play style may be danger of becoming extinct, if we allow it. Anyone else roleplayed on a PvP server? I have, and loved it. Pretty sure I was the only one there who did.

So, that will wrap up this edition of RoleCraft. Have you any quality RP-related websites you’d like to see listed here? Share them here or through my Twitter @jimmoreno. As always, feel free to click over to The RP Archives, a blog where I gather all the roleplaying knowledge from across the interwebs into one handy reference place. Until next time, role on!

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