Seasons greetings, roleplayers! Here we are at the end of another year. RoleCraft is into the third year at WarCry Network, and as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. As the final days of 2009 slip away, I’d like to do a recap of RoleCraft articles and topics covered this year. Placing them here in one easily referenced list helps keep you from having to mess with searching the Archives and trudging through a whole years’ worth of articles. It also makes it easier for you to Favorite a single article to use as a directory to the entire RoleCraft column, if you so choose.

In case you’re new to this column, or may have missed the earlier Review pieces, here are the links:

RoleCraft: Review 2007

RoleCraft: Review 2008

Following is the list along with a short description of the RoleCraft articles of 2009:


A Look at Ultima Online RP

This week in RoleCraft, Jim Moreno looks back at the RP scene in one of the very first MMOs: Ultima Online.

WoW: No Love for RP

In this week’s RoleCraft, Jim Moreno tackles Blizzard’s recent debacle with the RP-PvE realm, Wyrmrest Accord.


Storyteller – Rose of the Sun

In this week’s RoleCraft, Jim Moreno tries his hand at role-writing, telling the story of one particular Blood Elf in the World of Warcraft.

Defining the MMORPG

On this week’s RoleCraft, Jim Moreno wonders how exactly one can define roleplaying in an MMO due to the absence of a key player in tabletop RPing – the Dungeon Master.


Dungeon-Mastering the MMORPG

In this edition of RoleCraft, Jim Moreno wonders about a crucial element in tabletop gaming missing from the MMO – the Dungeon-Master.

The Adventure

This week on RoleCraft, Jim Moreno looks into how roleplayers can prepare for an adventure – Research, Plan, Go!


Home Is Where the RP Is

In this week’s RoleCraft, Jim Moreno looks at the issue of player housing in MMOGs and how it can shape one’s roleplay experience.

My apologies for the 3 month break this year. RL interfered with RP, and I had to attend to it post haste.


Armed Forces Roleplaying

Jim Moreno looks at how roleplayers can create a character who is in the military.

The Magic of Roleplaying

This week in RoleCraft, we look at how players can work the mystical arts of magic into their RP.


The Magic of Roleplaying, Part 2: Spell-caster Classes

In this week’s RoleCraft, we’ll look at how a spellcaster puts their magic to good use in the world of roleplay.

The Magic of Roleplaying, Part 3: Spell-casting

In this week’s RoleCraft, Jim Moreno looks at the actual act of casting the spell itself.


The Magic of Roleplaying, Part 4: Conclusion

Jim Moreno finishes his look at how to RP using magic with some handy links from around the web.

A Roleplayer’s Thanksgiving List

Jim Moreno shares his list of the five most crucial tools for any MMORPG to support roleplaying.


A Roleplayer’s Christmas Wish List

Jim Moreno outlines the things that would make him one very happy roleplayer this Christmas, even if they won’t fit under the tree.

Link Farming 4

Jim Moreno shares another round of the best RP resources on the internet.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the RoleCraft column this year! I sincerely hope it is helping you better understand and carry out roleplaying in your favorite MMORPGs. I aim to continue my efforts here in the coming year, and you’ll see a few new things I have planned. So, until next year, stay alert, stay alive, and role on!

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