Last February, I began a little blog aimed at helping my fellow World of Warcraft roleplayers with their roleplaying. Since then, it has went through a few changes, and more than a few topics have been looked at. As the final word on RP here at WarCry this year, let’s go back and review the path this RoleCraft article has taken in 2007!

RoleCraft began over at what is now called the RP Archives. Then and for a few months afterwards, it was primarily covering RP in WoW. WoW is still a major part of the Archives, with that being where I am steadily collecting and listing WoW related Character Blogs and RP Guilds. You’ll also find an extensive list of links to RP info websites for WoW and the other MMORPGs I play on the blogroll, another item I will keep up-to-date as much as possible.

In case your first contact with RoleCraft was here, and you missed the previous posts, allow me to show you some of the best RP content I found early last year.

RoleCraft hit the big time in May when it was brought to the WoW section of the WarCry Network. Wow, indeed! They are paying me to write about RP, how frakin’ cool is that?! From May to September, WoW WarCry’s RP Guide picked up steam discussing a variety of RP subjects, the biggest of which was the RP City Tour series.

It was in October that the article came to simply be named RoleCraft, and was moved another notch higher to the central hub of the WarCry Network. With this move, I also widened the focus to include discussing RP not only in WoW, but also many other MMORPGs. Since WarCry deals with an array of games in this genre, I felt it was only right to help give fellow roleplayers their due attention amidst all the other styles of play within these games.

So, that’s where RoleCraft stands today. My greatest hope is that I am helping roleplayers in some way, even if only some small way. I’ve purposefully kept the RP topics covered this year on the basic end of the scale, but you can count on me delving deeper into my RP bag of holding for some much more advanced subjects in 2008.

As always, I’m open and very interested in knowing your own thoughts about RP. I would specifically like to hear from roleplayers in MMORPGs I don’t play, like EverQuest and Asheron’s Call (which I used to play, and have some fond RP memories of), Dungeons and Dragons Online, City of Heroes, EVE Online, and any and all others. Along with looking at RP in a broad sense, I also want to shine the spotlight on RP in those games and the certain ways roleplayers are giving and keeping it alive in their favorite MMORPGs. Either share in the Comments with these articles, or feel free to email me at [email protected]. Role on!

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