Rumor: GoldenEye 007 Remake Coming at E3


Activision could be pulling the sheet off a remake of beloved N64 classic GoldenEye 007 in less than two weeks, if rumors are to be believed.

Last year, we first heard whispered rumors about the existence of a title called GoldenEye 2010 in development at Eurocom Entertainment Software. Naturally, many people immediately jumped to the (quite reasonable) assumption that this was a remake of Rare’s 1997 classic GoldenEye 007, the game that inarguably defined console FPS titles in the pre-Halo era.

A source revealed to Eurogamer that the game would be published by Activision this November for the Nintendo Wii (as a Wii alternative to Call of Duty: Black Ops, presumably), and that the publishing giant intended to unveil the title later this month at E3. Development has been shared between US studio n-Space and UK studio Eurocom, who previously worked with James Bond on the N64’s The World Is Not Enough.

An anonymous source also sent pictures in to GoNintendo further corroborating the potential existence of GoldenEye 2010, though the game mentioned in that material would apparently star current Bond Daniel Craig instead of GoldenEye‘s Pierce Brosnan. If true, then perhaps we’re looking at a title more along the lines of the mediocre GoldenEye: Rogue Agent than a remake of the beloved N64 FPS?

As always, consider standard rumor procedures to be in effect: None of this is confirmed, don’t go preaching this as the gospel truth because it could just be pure, undiluted bupkes. If true, though, it’d be very interesting – for all I played the hell of GoldenEye back in the day, the game has aged incredibly poorly, and is pretty much unplayable these days. So a modern remake, if it captured the spirit of the original, could be pretty awesome. Of course, it could also suck, and suck hard.

Let’s all keep our fingers cross that A.) it exists, B.) it’s an actual remake, and C.) that it isn’t crap.

And yes, that is a Wiimote shell modeled after the game’s infamously crappy Klobb.

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