Remember when Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 a few weeks back alongside a number of videos? Well, there may be another clip that you haven’t yet seen.

Embedded at right you’ll find a vignette that is ostensibly a Sony-produced promotional teaser for the upcoming PlayStation 4. We say “ostensibly,” because Sony won’t confirm its authenticity, yet by all rights it appears to be a legitimate addition to the various clips the firm has served up as part of its recent PS4 reveal. Now you understand the “rumor” preface above.

As for the clip’s content, it’s simultaneously intriguing and disappointing. The “let’s edit PlayStation-branded shapes into people’s eyes” thing is a cute trick, but the video spends so much time gazing at X’s and triangles trapped in various ocular organs that it fails to offer a solid look at any game or games. There are a few brief flashes of gameplay (or, equally likely, in-game cinematics), and a glimpse at what appears to be the console itself, but overall it’s nothing to get too excited over.

“If none of this is all that exciting, why are typing all of these words?” I somehow hear a few of you wondering. Quite simply, rumor or not, this clip is going to go down as part of the PlayStation 4 reveal. With all the excitement surrounding the next generation of gaming consoles, we couldn’t not share this clip with you. If it turns out to be a particularly well-crafted fan production, we reserve the right to rescind all of this, but for now file this under “possible reasons to be psyched for Sony’s next gaming machine.”

Or not. I’m not your mom. Do whatever.

Source: YouTube

Update: According to Kotaku, Sony denies the legitimacy of this clip. With that in mind, propers to whoever crafted this thing. It’s as good, if not better than anything Sony officially released, though I suppose this does explain the lack of actual gameplay footage.

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