Sabotage First Look


A relatively unknown distinct and novel title may be in the works for the PC and 360 this year, according to Chris Remo of Shacknews.

Showcased at Gamecock’s developer-heavy forum located in the middle of E3’s own event, Sabotage is a WWII game – but everything the mind conjures upon reading that phase for the past several years does not apply here.

The player fills the role of one Violette Summer, a character loosely based on a real British female agent, Violette Szabo, who served in the British Special Operations unit and was ultimately captured and killed.

The core mechanics, Remo reported from his impressions of watching narrated real-time gameplay, are “similar to other third-person action games at its root. As Summer, you make your way to objectives while attempting to keep yourself out of enemy sight, and eliminate targets, plant explosive charges, reach prisoners of war, or any number of other covert objectives.”

The graphic presentation, however, is unique. Judging from screenshots, the game is going for a dark, Sin City look.

Matching the style is the mission substance, which is more grim than gung-ho: “When you reach a group of Polish POWs, you are there not to rescue them or facilitate their own escape – their rescue is simply not feasible. Rather, you are there to deliver cyanide capsules, ensuring that they will not allow potentially crucial information to fall into enemy hands.”

Remo noted that to help add flavor to stealth execution moves, a producer associated with Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 was brought on board – though staff emphasized the brutality level will not be on par with that AO-labeled title.

Developed by Replay, the title is due to ship later this year.

Source: Shacknews

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