Schuyler’s Five Favorites of 2013

This past year we saw an amazing amount of great games to be released. Some games were full of new and inventive ways to game and some had one single addition that just made the game for me. These are the five games that I dug into and enjoyed this past year and may enjoy into 2014 as well.

5. Grand Theft Auto V

This latest Grand Theft Auto game has taken it up a notch. The world is open once again but now you get a larger setting to play around in and they’ve added sports, like golf and tennis. I enjoy the little additions to the game, like the cartoons that they made so that you can watch something on TV, and the French film that they created that takes every trope from French movies and squashes it into one absurd film. The shows are all original and go on for what seems like forever. One of the best times I’ve had gaming in quite some time was sitting around a television with two friends watching some very right wing propaganda redressed as a cartoon. Laughs will abound when taking a minute to enjoy the little things that Rockstar put into the latest Grand Theft Auto.

4. Gran Turismo 6

This isn’t your grandfather’s Gran Turismo, this time they’ve taken us beyond our terrestrial ideas of racing. This latest installment of the Gran Turismo isn’t just a roster update of cars, they take you to the moon and back. You get to take the Lunar Rover out for a spin on the rocky cheese covered surface of the moon. Enjoy taking bumps in zero g and having your vehicle almost roll over, and while you’re spinning on the moon make sure to appreciate the view because the stars are all exactly what they would look like. They’ve truly taken the series to eleven and we all get to benefit from its amazingness.

3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us takes us into a very detailed DC superhero movie. You fight as, and against, your favorite heroes of the DC Universe in between fantastic cut-scenes that tell an amazing story. I was almost frustrated when I was instructed to start a fight because it took away from the story that is driving the game. The animation is amazing and truly gives everyone something to watch and actually get involved in a fighter rather than just chalking up victories against random characters.

2. Plants vs Zombies 2

Mobile gaming has come a long way from playing the snake game on your cell phone. The first Plants vs Zombies was amazing fun and they’ve brought that fun experience over to the sequel. This time you’re travelling through time looking for Crazy Dave’s taco. This honorable cause leads you to travel through multiple time periods fighting their version of zombies. The game isn’t too tough to dissuade you from playing but keeps you going with various ways to play. My favorite mode is the challenge mode where you fight the zombies in waves, level through level as you fight the unending battle against the green plant eaters.

1. Disney Infinity

I’m not a traditional Disney fan, and by that I mean that I don’t particularly care for anything branded “Disney”, but Disney Infinity grabbed me by the imagination and pulled me into their universe. I was skeptical at first then just started drooling at what you could do in this game. It all begins when you start up the game and you’re thrown into your “toy box” where you can literally do anything. Disney took some ideas from Minecraft and Disney-fied them and made your toy box a sandbox of fun. The ability to place iconic Disney set pieces, like Pride Rock, in your world can make anyone a fan of the mouse. I tried to stay away from this game but in the end I’m a big big fan.

Thank you for checking out my top five favorite games of 2013, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you can take a hint and grab a couple from here and make your holidays even more fun filled.

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