When I began thinking about what to write for this particular letter, I started with the issue theme, “Season’s Gaming”. Why is it that so many of us tie games into the holiday season? Sure, all the game companies push out massive quantities of stuff – consoles, games, guides, etc. to catch the holiday spending spree from parents. But so do a lot of other companies.

As a child, I remember, starting in early November, watching my usual shows become more and more saturated with commercials pimping the most wonderful and glorious toys starting in early November. But games stand out as more important players during the actual holidays. And I don’t mean just videogames, but really any games; Trivial Pursuit, Cranium and Bridge are a few of my family’s traditions.

So, why games, as opposed to movies or books or other such entertainment devices? And then it occurred to me what the holidays are about: Being with those close and important to you. And if you can’t be with them, you call them or email them or send a text message. You get in touch with them. You interact with them.

Interaction. It is the one thing that games have above every other entertainment form out there. They do interaction so well – and in fact, most games do not work without some manner of interaction. A few years ago, game makers Milton Bradley started a “Family Game Night” campaign. Yes, it served their purpose, but really, they were right. Games are a great way to connect with family. And friends. And co-workers.

So, with this in mind, we bring you this week’s issue of The Escapist, “Season’s Gaming”. Here, our authors share their own special gaming memories. We invite you to think of your own, even share them in our forums and get in the mood for some great gaming time with family and friends in this holiday season. Happy holidays and merry gaming to you and yours from us here at The Escapist.


-Julianne Greer

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