The second free update for Dishonored 2 is live now, adding the ability to select and replay any mission, as well as more than 20 custom difficulty options.

Dishonored 2 got its first free game update back in December, when Arkane added the New Game Plus mode. Today, the company adds its second free update to the game we chose as the Best Action/Adventure title of 2016, bringing custom difficulty settings and mission select options.

Custom difficulty settings allow you to tweak a host of options to make your playthroughs a bit easier, or much harder, depending on your preferences. You can adjust how quickly sleep darts take effect, how many enemies attack you at once, and you can even turn on “Iron Mode,” forcing you to play through with permadeath enabled and no manual saving or loading.

Also included is the ability to replay any mission that you unlock after the update is installed. What’s even better is that selecting and running a mission will retain the status of your playthrough at the start of that mission, including things like chaos, runes, money, etc.

There are also a number of bugfixes and updates in this release. You can find a full list of those in this post on

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