See Bankrupt THQ’s Head Office, Or What’s Left Of It


New tenants have moved in, and guess what they found?

When THQ went under it sold off its intellectual properties at auction but, as is often the case after a disaster, some wreckage remained. New tenants have moved into THQ’s old HQ, and discovered the last few remnants: awards, posters, old games, and a Blood Raven statue, slightly broken. Wondering what a publisher looks like after it implodes? See here.

The images were taken by a Redditor, Soulessgingr, a huge Darksiders fan who happens to work for the new tenants. “They left a lot of other random hardware too,” he says, everything from monitors and routers to old dev kits. Nothing’s been done with it yet, he reports, and there’s no chance of returning it since there’s no THQ to contact. Apparently the building owner paid THQ for the stuff that was left behind; Soulessgingr claimed a couple Darksiders 2 posters as quickly as he could, but he’s not sure what’s going to happen to the rest.

So that’s that for THQ’s HQ. A few memories and some tchatkas, and soon those will be cleared out. Good luck to the new tenants, and thanks to Soulessgingr for letting the rest of us get a glimpse of what was.

Source: Reddit
Images: Imgur

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