Yeah, don’t stand too close to the little guy with the wand.

Magician and TV show presenter R Paul Wilson got a look inside the home of Richard Garriott, he of Ultima fame, and came away with some film footage that will floor you. Whether it’s the Fake Fight, the Oracle, or Sputnik, there’s something here for every fan of science and oddities.

It’s enough to make you wonder whether Garriott is trying to become gaming’s Citizen Kane. Brittania Manor (Mk 2) is a true house of hidden wonders, and Garriott – like Wilson – is an avid fan of all things magic, as well as a science nerd. And possibly also a vampire hunter; at least, if he ever wants to get into the business, he has all the equipment.

The video comes as part of Wilson’s build-up for a film about collectors and their fantastic treasure troves. That film, created as a result of his Unreal Tour 2012, is on its way “in a few weeks”, according to his blog.

Source: Wesley Treat’s Roadside Resort

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