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Shadows of Doubt Brings Procedurally Generated Sandbox Detective Work to PC in April

[EMBARGOED] Shadows of Doubt Early Access Release Date Trailer Brings Procedurally Generated Sandbox Detective Work to PC in April

Developer ColePowered Games and publisher Fireshine Games have announced a Shadows of Doubt early access release date of April 24, 2023 for PC via Steam. It’s a date that brings the immersive detective sim’s procedurally-generated city streets to players next month. To celebrate, the team has revealed a release date trailer that perfectly taps into the game’s moody tone and blocky noir setting, and you can see it all for yourself in the trailer below.

Shadows of Doubt will offer more than just thick atmosphere when it comes to PC next month. Using a variety of tools, players will piece together left-behind clues to track down killers. That means paying close attention to your surroundings, scanning fingerprints, reading private emails, and so much more for investigators looking to make the most of the options. It’s a sandbox-style gameplay world that encourages players who like to be thorough, and thanks to its status as an early access title, Shadows of Doubt will only grow with more content over time.

Shadows of Doubt will start players with a few different offerings when it launches next month. The first case is called “The Dead of Night,” which is a mystery specially crafted to introduce newcomers to its sci-fi investigation gameplay. Early adopters will also enjoy a Sandbox Mode that features an endless number of cases to crack and procedurally generated cities to wander through. An early access roadmap outlining much of what’s to come will be revealed sometime in April. Until then, you can read more about Shadows of Doubt in the short summary below:

Shadows of Doubt is set in an alternate reality in the hyper-industrialized 1980s. Think like a detective and use a variety of gadgets as a private intelligence investigator, gathering evidence and making money by solving cases, finding and selling information and more. Play your own way in a fully simulated world with hundreds of citizens. Discover, meet and tail individual citizens, each with their own name, job, apartment and daily routine, in unique, procedurally-generated cities. Each case has different culprits, clues and experiences for you to test your investigative skills.

ColePowered and Fireshine expect to see Shadows of Doubt 1.0 launch for PC sometime later this year. No additional platforms have been revealed yet. For in-depth impressions on the game, check out our preview from last month.

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