I knew Podi Puss was useful for something.

Welp! Today is Thursday which means I’m probably freaking out right about now. I’m giving a huge presentation tonight at my school to various game developers from around town. If I play my cards right, I’ll hopefully get a job offer to work at a studio… yeah I’m freaking out… where’s my brown paper bag?!

It’s been an interesting and confusing week to say the least. Last week one of my favorite webcomic artist, Scott DeWitt started chatting with me and now he follows my work (which is a huge honor). Then on the weekend I got to hang out with more of my favorite webcomic artists including Tyson Hesse, Sam Logan, Jeph Jacques and many more at VanCAF. It was insanely surreal and way too much fun.

I’ve got a lot to think about with this whole webcomic thing… I’m getting very attached to it… which really scares me.

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