The $8,000 “relaxation booth” lets you contemplate your figurine collection in private.

For many of us, our childhoods were carefree affairs, where the afternoons were filled with gaming and friendship. But as the death-march of time leads on into adulthood, we find that there’s just less and less time for our precious hobbies. Now, you can shut out the painful and distracting world around you with the Kakureya, a private “relaxation room for man and woman”.

The Kakureya seals the user inside a 4’x4′ pod. Inside is a mount for a monitor or TV, a desk, and numerous shelves and racks. The Japanese manufacturer depicts various ways they anticipate the pod being used, such as working in peace and quiet, watching The Phantom Menace while drinking alone, and contemplating your Gundam figurine collection, all in the privacy of your personal relaxation booth.

The Kakureya costs 798,000 yen, or about $8,000 US dollars, and as such, comes built-to-order. For that kind of price, I’m surprised that it doesn’t come equipped with a toilet, or at least a box of astronaut diapers. That said, I’d be mindful of what kind of PC you bring with you, as I can quickly see the booth becoming a furnace with most gaming rigs (unless you built a heat pipe/exhaust system). Also, please note that the booth is not soundproof, so for the love of god, bring a pair of headphones.

Source: Kagu-Cozy via Kotaku

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