Shuto Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery Part 1

Shuto Con isn’t as well known as PAX, E3 or Comic Con, but if there’s a convention, you can be assured there are those who are dressing up as their favorite characters. This year, there were tons who came out to show off their costumes and we have oodles of pictures for you to enjoy.

We have so many, we had to split this up into two articles!

But, enough words! Here are the pictures!


Who is this? – Akroan Warrior from Magic the Gathering.
Cosplayer – Scott Eldridge

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alexander hamilton and king

Who is this? – Alexander Hamilton and King George from [i]Hamilton, the musical[i].

all of the feels

Who is this? – All of the Feels! The emotions from the movie, Inside Out!


Who is this? – Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender

aurora and belle

Who is this? – Disney Princesses Aurora and Belle
CosplayersCurvesque Cosplay

Who is this? – Missing Barb from Stranger Things
Cosplayer – Last Place Victory Cosplay

Who is this? – Baymax from Big Hero 6, doing a little dance.

Who is this? – Disney’s Princess Belle and Red Steampunk Lady
Princess Belle – Laura Wanamaker
Red Steampunk Lady – Kelli Vanous


Who is this? – Princess Belle


Who is this? – Bismuth from Steven Universe

broke girl

Who is this? – Max from Two Broke Girls.

cap and bucky

Who is this? – Marvel’s Captain America and Bucky Barnes


Who is this? – Captain America

eliza hamilton

Who is this? – Eliza from Hamilton, the Musical.

flame princess

Who is this? – Flame Princess from Adventure Time


Who is this? – Flareon from Pokemon

garnet (1)

Who is this? – Garnet from Steven Universe

howl, sophie, merida and mum

Who is this?:
Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle
Merida and Queen Elinor from Brave

Merida: Emily Jacobson
Howl: Sheila Dolislager
Queen Elinor: Kathy Jacobson
Sophie: Ruth Dolislager


Who is this? – Fire Emblem Fates from the japanese game, Fire Emblem Fates


Who is this? – Rainbow Brite and Patty O’Green of the Rainbow Bright universe
CosplayersBrichibi and Snow Cosplays


Who is this? – Batman and Lady Joker


Who is this? – Mercy from Overwatch


Who is this? – Disney’s Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Who is this? – Samurai armor of feudal and pre-industrial Japan
CosplayerOhio Kimono

ironside dalek

Who is this? – Ironside Dalek from the Doctor Who universe
Cosplayer – Last Place Victory Cosplay

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