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Shuto Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery Part 2


Shuto Con isn’t as well known as PAX, E3 or Comic Con. But if there’s a convention, you can be assured there are those who are dressing up as their favorite characters. This year, there were tons who came out to show off their costumes and we have oodles of pictures for you to enjoy.

We have so many, we had to split this up into two articles!

So here’s part 2 of our Shuto Con gallery! Enjoy!


Who is this? – Flowey, Toriel, and Frisk from Undertale

toph and mai
the butterfly effect 1

Who is this? – The Butterfly Effect

the belchers

Who is this? – The Belchers from the television show, Bob’s Burgers

steve rogers

Who is this? – Natasha Romanoff and Captain America
Captain America – Joe R. Wright

steampunk mad hatter

Who is this? – Steampunk Mad Hatter


Who is this? – Samurai armor of feudal and pre-industrial Japan
CosplayerOhio Kimono

sailor jakku and sailor alderaan

Who is this? – Sailor Jakku and Sailor Alderaan from the Sailor Moon universe
Jakku: Angel Shell Fire Cosplay
Alderaan: Comic Chick Cosplay

rose and pearl

Who is this? – Rose Quartz and Pearl from the Steven Universe universe

rockin rose and greg

Who is this? – Heavy Metal Rose and Greg from the Steven Universe universe.
CosplayerJenny Thor Widerberg

robin hood and marian

Who is this? – Robin Hood and Maid Marian
Cosplayer – Taneil and TJ

rick(s) sanchez

Who is this? – Rick(s) Sanchez from Rick and Morty

renaissance lady

Who is this? – A Renaissance Lady from the Assassin’s Creed universe.

princess mononoke

Who is this? – Princess Mononoke from the anime Princess Mononoke

princess celestia and nightmare moon

Who is this? – Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon from the My Little Pony universe.

newt scamander

Who is this? – Newt Scamander (with Bowtruckle!)
CosplayerMynock Cosplay


Who is this? – Mystery Science Theater 3000!

moana (1)

Who is this? – Moana from the movie, Moana
Cosplayer – Emani Terry


Who is this? – Loki from the Marvel universe

jareth and sarah

Who is this? – Sarah and Jareth from the move, Labyrinth

princess mononoke (1)

Who is this? – Princess Mononoke from the anime movie, Princess Mononoke

pidge (1)

Who is this? – Pidge from the television series, Voltron

newt scamander (1)

Who is this? – Newt Scamander from the move, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Cosplayer – John Andrews

marceline (2)

Who is this? – Marceline from the Adventure Time universe

love live (2)

Who is this? – Kotori Minami, Nozomi Tojo and Maki Nishikino from the Love Live universe.

Kotori Minami – bbubblepopp
Nozomi Tojo – taylxr
Maki Nishikino – unknown

Who is this? – Tony Stark and friends from the Marvel universe.

Who is this? – Scyther from Pokemon.
CosplayerCoppersprite Cosplay

Who is this? – Sarah and Jareth from the movie, Labyrinth

Who is this? – Rita Repulsa from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe

Who is this? – Marceline from the Adventure Time universe

Who is this? – Judy Hops from the movie, Zootopia
CosplayerApril Koontz

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