The final hours of the tyranny of the sun are at hand.

The vampires you’ll meet in Dawnguard don’t look like the usual breed of pale-skinned chump that turns up now and then in various dimly-lit recesses of Skyrim. These guys are big, they’re bad, they fly and they’ve got a seriously nefarious plan in the works to bring permanent night to all of Tamriel! The only thing standing between them and eternal darkness: The Dawnguard!

Aside from a looming Very Big Decision – will you join the Dawnguard or become a Vampire Lord yourself? – we don’t actually know where you’ll go, what you’ll do or who you’ll do it to in this thing. But we do know that you’ll be able to do it soon – tomorrow, in fact, because that’s when the first official add-on for the game arrives on Xbox Live. Skyrim: Dawnguard will be available for 1600 Microsoft points, which translates into about 20 bucks, and will initially be available only in English language territories. French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the expansion are planned for mid-July.

As for when the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Dawnguard will be out, we actually don’t know that either. It’s kind of a tradition for the 360 to get a 30-day exclusivity window so July 25 wouldn’t be an unreasonable expectation, but one guy who may or may not be in the know (okay, it’s Mike) said he heard it would be a 60 day period. Maybe. Whatever it turns out to be, when we know, you’ll know.

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