Sneak Look At Viper’s Daisy Kutter #3

Daisy Kutter adventure continues in issue #3 After losing everything in a game of poker, Daisy takes one last job as a thief. She is asked to rob the train of the man who hires her. The job looks like a cake walk, but she soon realizes that much more sinister things lie just beneath the surface.


“..DAISY KUTTER is a sly, witty, and well-drawn book that won me over with its copious charm”-

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“Daisy Kutter slices through convention with witty dialog, old fashioned charm and one finely-written lady packing too much ammo. It’s going places whether you like it or not.” – Fiona Avery, Author of Aranya, No Honor, and Witchblade: Obakemono

“This is definitely a book readers should pay attention to and one that should establish Kibuishi as a highly talented creator” –

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Order your copy of DAISY KUTTER #3 in the AUGUST DIAMOND PREVIEWS Item Code: AUG 043117. Book is scheduled to arrive in stores October 2004 and will retail for $3.99.

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