Snow Day

In Response to “Korean court jails distributors of MMO bot program,” from The Escapist Lounge: The situation is worse still in games where the exchange of in-game money for real is encouraged. Above that there’s always the enjoyment of others, too. Robots grinding away every hour of every day on the same task that the human traders are doing really takes the enjoyment out of it. Why pay an MMO subscription if you are merely competing with AI?

– Tom

In Response to Korean court jails distributors of MMO bot program, from The Escapist Lounge: Why pay a subscription if you are merely competing with children who don’t have responsibilities beyond themselves and can spend 12 hours or more each and every day to the game?

I still don’t see the problem with bots, but then again, I think any “problems” created from bots are largely due to poor game design.

If bots create an unfair (illegal) advantage… so does availability of time.

I’m all for fairness in games and competition, but typical MMORPGS are not designed to be fair so I only treat them as interesting social environments and try to refrain from competing because… I simply cannot compete in a game that requires insane amounts of time to progress.

– Cody K.

In Response to “Cubicle Vision” from the Escapist Lounge: Okay, so don’t play games on the company’s equipment. Not a problem. Go get yourself a Game Boy, DS, PSP, hell, even an old Atari Lynx, and have your relaxing game of Tetris or whatever during your federally mandated lunch break. Since the game unit is portable, why not take that hour away from your desk? The cubicle world – with all its email, voice mail, and memos – will still be there when you return.

– Wizard of Wor

In Response to “All Work and No Play” from the Escapist Lounge: I listened to this fantastic presentation by Merlin Mann, about how technology and the internet is making our lives even more tedious that in the past. He said that children’s books 20, 30 years ago, often showed firemen, mechanics, police officers, chefs as people’s jobs… in the future, all the jobs will just be a person at a desk, looking at a computer.

– cibbuano

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