Cats get more than their fair share of attention. So today on National Dog Day we give you eight very cute pups. So enjoy these puppies and hopefully have a good National Dog Day.

This little guy just wants to take a nice peaceful nap in the sun. Not much to ask in this complicated world of ours, it’s nice to see something enjoy the simplest things in life.

This pup looks so carefree, like he care about Russia invading Crimea. Like the world isn’t going to hell in a hand-basket, we could all take a tip from this doggy.

These two pretty puppies aren’t bothered by the Ebola outbreak ravaging Africa. They just are oblivious to the happenings in the world around them, maybe they could be more socially aware.

This enthusiastic pup looks like its had a great day romping around a field. Totally not interested in the Israel / Palestine conflict, you’d think that the issue was important, but not to this dog.

This wrinkled little guy is in the midst of an existential crisis. Why fetch when we’re all going to die anyway, what’s the point? Just lay here and wait for the world to affect it, because it’s all going to end anyway no matter what it does.

This little guy is too young to understand that the world is working against it. It doesn’t know that it is fated to become a disappointment, it’s brother is going to do so much more with his life. They get along now, but wait til Thanksgiving five years from now and their mom gets drunk and admits which pup is her favorite.

Have you ever looked into the darkness that is your own soul? Well this little guy has, he’s faces his inner demons and it looks like he’s realized just how meaningless it really is.

Aw, this little guy thinks that he’s Mr. T. He pities the fool that has to clean up after him.

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