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Sombrero Deadpool And The Forest City Cosplayers, Pt. 2


London, Ontario’s first comic book convention had so many costumes, even we couldn’t guess them all. Can you?

London, Ontario’s first comic book convention was a resounding success, doubling its attendance with 2,300 visitors. Not bad for a one-day con, but of course that also means there’s a ton of costumes to sift through… more than we could even fit into last week’s gallery. And several of them are obscure enough to stump some of the most well-read geeks out there.

So not only are we offering the remaining cosplay items, we’re making it a little more challenging! Starting with Page #29, we’re removing the text descriptions and seeing if you can guess who these individuals are! That’s right, it’s a game, and has nothing to do with being clueless ourselves. Nope.

But first, let’s look at the more recognizable entries, starting with….

x-man and jubilee

New X-Man and Jubilee

90s-era Jubilee meets a 2000-era New X-Man? Guess it’s just another one of those Wednesdays for the mutant community.

thor and loki

Thor and Loki

Two Asgardian sisters try to decide whether this is the place to finally have their climatic show-down. Thankfully, they decided against ruining every vendors day.

sweeny todd

Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett

Have you tried any of their lovely pies? Quality stuff.

weeping angel 1 and battle

Weeping Angel and The Doctor(s)

A very dedicated Doctor Who villain making very still appearances around the convention center. Note that two Doctors are visible, so clearly time-travel is happening.

starlord leia optimus

Princess Leia, Starlord, and Optimus Prime

Leia escorts the itty bitty versions of Starlord and Optimus Prime around the convention. That partnership should also prove valuable if the Rebels need to steal any Death Star plans. Fewer Bothans would get hurt that way.

steampunk ock 2

Steampunk Doctor Octopus

We need more Spider-Man villains with dashing bowler hats, just saying.

wizard rogue maybe

Jinn Warriors

Two Abrahamic heroes, here to promote the locally published graphic novel Jinn Warriors.

slave and stormtrooper and sith

Sith, Slaves, and Stormtroopers

At one end of the hall, a Stormtrooper escorts a captured Slave Leia. On the other, a Sith waits impatiently. Any connection?

river and helix person

River Song and Helix Scientist

Doctor Who‘s River is making sure this Helix scientist has contained the disease outbreak. Based on the marks on her and that photobomber, however? There’s probably a bigger issue they can’t quite remember.

shield girl 3


The Vikings shieldmaiden Lagertha is here to fight for her family and heavily discounted vendor items.

riddler mask henchman

Black Mask, Riddler, and Henchman

The bad news? Black Mask and Riddler have teamed up. The good news? The current economy means they can only afford one henchman between them.


Oberyn Martell

One of the Martell’s has traveled far from Sunspear to take part in London’s first comic book convention. Hopefully the political machinations were kept to a minimum.

wonder woman

Wonder Woman and Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya struck gold in her hunt for the supernatural by stumbling across DC Comics Wonder Woman. That shared background really helped them hit it off.

mexican deadpool

Only At A Comic Convention

Where else are you going to see Joker, Harley, Princess Mononoke‘s San, and Sombrero Deadpool united for a common goal? (In this case, the goal is to get their picture taken.)

punisher girl

The Punisher

With all these supervillains around, I’m surprised this Punisher doesn’t have her weapons out. Maybe she’s giving the superheroes a chance, first.

punisher 4

Gambit and The Punisher

One sets off explosions and melts women’s hearts. The other sets off explosions and stops gangster hearts. Lots of common ground here.


Our Robotic Overlords Like Yoga Balls

Okay, you got me, this isn’t a cosplay pic but it’s still pretty cool. This is WE FIRST (Western Engineering First Robotics Mentorship Club), an award-winning student organization that attempts to get youth involved in science via robotics. At their booth, they showcased a robot that can pick up and fling a yoga ball, which is a lot more complicated to design than it sounds!


Raiden and Ice King

Mortal Kombat‘s Raiden summoned a lightning spell, but we were indoors. So he calmed down and hung out Adventure Time‘s Ice King for a bit.



Kara Zor-El is here to take part in the human customs of comic-book conventions. Also, I’m not entirely sure why she’s wearing heels when she could just float an inch off the ground if she wanted.

no idea 5


Blue Exorcist‘s Mephisto, moments before turning into a dog and rushing off to find a demon.

no idea girl (2)


Hunter x Hunter‘s Kurapika takes time off of a busy hunter’s schedule to show off her rings.

no idea gun

Sweet Pea

Sucker Punch‘s Sweet Pea, trying to find her sister, Rocket. Not that she can’t handle herself alone though. And hey, speaking of Sucker Punch

no idea (8)


What does Sucker Punch‘s Babydoll do in her off time? Visit Comic Cons, of course! Just try to keep her from fighting the robots.

no idea

Anbu Naruto

We’re pretty sure this is a version of Naruto that joined the Anbu, but if you have a more specific character thought, feel free to mention it in the comments!

no idea (6)

Sweet Lolita

A Sweet Lolita showing off her outfit while waiting for a food order to arrive.



But why can’t I pass?

Zombie Bit Me Cosplay

Nurse Joy

This Pokémon Nurse Joy comes courtesy of professional cosplayer Zombie Bit Me! You can follow her work here.

And now we move onto the tough ones:

no idea (5)
ninja turtle

Donatello and…. ?

We know that’s Donatello, preparing a ninja kick for our cameraman. But who’s her friend?

no idea (4)
no idea (3)
no idea 3
no idea 4

How did you do? We look forward to seeing your suggestions in the comments!

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