The classic Warhammer 40K board game gets a shiny new adaptation later this year.

The success of XCOM has proved that there’s a mainstream future for turn-based strategy games. Even the upcoming RPG Shadowrun is comparing itself to the critical darling. With that foundation in place, now is the perfect time for a new Space Hulk adaptation. That’s the thinking behind developers Full Control, who are bringing the classic Warhammer 40k board game to both PC and mobile platforms later this year.

The original board game takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe, where there is only turn-based strategy. Players command a squad of space marines as they crawl though the dangerous confines of massive, derelict space craft to retrieve ancient technology, all the while being hunted by the dreaded Genestealers.

While previous video game adaptations have used the claustrophobic confines as a setting for shooters, Full Control is adamant about maintaining the same tactical feel of the original. “What we’re overall aiming for is to take the board game experience and make a digital game out of it,” said Thomas Hentschel Lund, head of Full Control. But to make that adaptation as true as possible, they’re making a few changes. “If you have in your head the boardgame as you play that, and XCOM, and mix those two together. That’s the game experience you can expect from Space Hulk.”

Full Control plans to release Space Hulk on PC, iOS, and Android, with most of the focus on the PC version. Rock Paper Shotgun has a rather extensive interview with Lund, where he discusses plans for cross platform multiplayer, coop modes, and even nerds out about the intricacies of translating the rules. Full Control hopes have players raiding wrecks between summer and Christmas of this year.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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