Spelunky, Spelunky 2, Mossmouth, Nintendo Switch, Indie World Showcase

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch next year. Mossmouth and Blitworks revealed the ports during today’s December Nintendo Indie World Showcase presentation, saying that both games will come to Switch in summer 2021. Though Spelunky shook the indie scene when it launched for Xbox 360 around a decade ago, its sequel arrived in only September of this year. See the reveal trailer below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the indie platformer roguelike, it got its start in 2008 as a freeware game from creator Derek Yu. Spelunky got a remake a few years later, which is the same version coming to Nintendo Switch summer of next year. Spelunky 2 wouldn’t arrive until nearly seven years later, launching for PlayStation 4 and PC. Between the release of the first game and the sequel came Nintendo’s hybrid console, and fans have been sure to let Blitworks, Mossmouth, and Nintendo know that they’d like a port.

The Escapist recently got to chat with Derek Yu about his time starting the series and how he eventually chose to take on Spelunky 2.

It was only a matter of time before Spelunky made its way over to Nintendo Switch in some form. Be sure to check back in for more updates on when the games are planned to launch and every detail from Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase. Until then, you can watch today’s entire presentation below.


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