Splatoon looks absolutely ridiculous and childish and I desperately want to play it.

Splatoon is a cartoony third-person shooter with players covering the map with different colors of ink. The objective is to cover the majority of the map with your team’s color before time runs out. The game supports eight players in 4v4 online battles an allows players to switch between being a person, who can shoot ink, and a squid with a number of abilities. Humans are slowed down in the opposing team’s ink, but squids can move super fast or hide in their own team’s ink.

Using the WiiU gamepad, players can move the pad to look up and down quickly and refer to the screen on the pad to see a map of the area and what areas are covered in ink. Tapping an ally on this map will launch you to their location, saving you from searching for your team after respawning.

There is no release date yet for the WiiU exclusive.

The following trailer explains the game a bit more in depth.


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