Screenshot comparison of the European version of Bravely Default to the Japanese version shows added clothing to the characters.

Square Enix has toned down the costumes in RPG Bravely Default and changed the ages of characters to make the game’s content more tasteful. The changes do not affect story or content beyond the surface level.

A poster to the IGN forums posted screenshots of character designs from both the Japanese and European versions. Shown on the left are the European versions while the Japanese counterparts are on the right, revealing Square Enix made less revealing versions of the costumes. However, changes appear to be minimal. One character’s bikini-style bottom has been lengthened to cover more skin, and another clad in belts has less of her midriff appearing. Some characters’ ages have also been changed from 15 to 18, 16 to 19, and 17 to 20.

This is not the first time a game’s mature content has been modified for a 3DS game. In the DLC mission “Summer Scramble” of Fire Emblem: Awakening, a screen of a female character depicted her about to remove the bottom of her swimsuit. In the North American version, this was obscured by a cloth.

Bravely Default launches in North America on Feb. 7. While these images are of the already-released European version, the same edited costumes will likely be present in North America for the rated T for Teen title. In Japan, Bravely Default had a rating of Cero C, or 15 years old and up.

Source: IGN forums via IGN

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