Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment are bringing Star Trek Online to consoles later this year.

Star Trek Online may have launched on PC way back in February of 2010, but this fall, it will hit consoles for the first time. Perfect Word Entertainment announced today that their free-to-play Star Trek MMO will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

Console players will get to enjoy over 130 featured episodes, two expansions, and 11 season’s worth of content updates. Fans of the TV show and movies will recognize many familiar voices, including Michael Dorn as Worf, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, and Tim Russ as Tuvok.

Cryptic says that they have made “considerable updates to the game engine to offer upgraded visuals and an enhanced user experience for console,” and that they’re using what they learned from bringing Neverwinter to console to improve the control scheme as well.

Star Trek Online lets players create their own starship captain with the choice of 32 species and three factions, and the console version will let players play through the story and reach the cap of level 60 for free.

A number of MMOs have made the move to console, and it’s not surprising to see Cryptic employing the experience they gained from Neverwinter to bring another of their free-to-play titles to new platforms.

We’ll see Star Trek Online on consoles this fall.

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