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Star Trek: Prodigy Fans Fly Banner Over Multiple Streamers’ Offices to Save the Show

Star Trek: Prodigy captures franchise quality essence and themes better than Discovery, Picard on Paramount+ even as a kids show / content purge dump Inside Amy Schumer

There are very few fandoms as loyal as Trekkies. Hell, they spent four seasons trying to defend Star Trek: Enterprise and another four at least somewhat tolerating Star Trek: Discovery. Imagine how they’d react if some of the best Trek made in years was taken off the air? Well, you don’t have to because Star Trek: Prodigy was canceled, and now fans are flying banners over the offices of Netflix and several other streamers in an attempt to get it picked up.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, fans flew a banner that read #SaveStarTrekProdigy over the offices of Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Hulu. Netflix seemed to be an especially big target, as the banner, which was bought by a GoFundMe campaign, circled that streamer’s offices for ten minutes.

Star Trek: Prodigy was unceremoniously dumped by Paramount+ earlier this year before its second season got to air, despite that second season being well toward completion. The studio needed the tax breaks so yanked the entire show from the platform along with a slew of others that they believed didn’t perform well enough. Fans were pretty livid, but the show’s creators said they’d begin shopping the series to other platforms, something Paramount is seemingly not against.

As such, there’s been a slew of attempts to peak interest including a teaser of the first episode dropped on and now a fan-made banner flown over the offices of streamers. Not only that, but co-executive producer Aaron Waltke and voice actress Bonnie Gordon joined fans outside the Netflix building to promote the show’s pickup.

Of course, all of this may be pointless, but not in a bad way. The current WGA strike means that writers and show creators can’t really negotiate with streamers and studios at the moment. As such, if Netflix or another streamer wanted to pick up the series, they wouldn’t be able to move forward very easily. It could be the moment the strike ends we get words of at least the second season coming to another streamer, and if it’s Netflix, a streamer known for kindling passion in canceled shows, maybe we even get a third.

For their part, Star Trek: Prodigy co-showrunners, Dan and Kevin Hageman, were excited about the banner, saying on X, “This is incredible. We owe these Trek fans a pint and our lifetime devotion. Blessed to have people like all of you in our stratosphere.”

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