Star Wars Galaxies: Behind the Scenes with “Dark Resurrection”


By David “Ara” Greene

imageDARK RESURRECTION is a Non-Profit Movie produced and filmed in Italy. The film is inspired by the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. The release plan is that movie will be split in two chapters; each of them will be about 60 minutes of running time. The film was originally release in Italian, but as of 7/31/2007 it is now available with English subtitles.

The story takes place few centuries after Episode VI, DARK RESURRECTION tells the story of a young Jedi apprentice and his mentor in a period of great changes in the balance of the galaxy.

imageDARK RESURRECTION was written and directed by Angelo (Atilak) Licata and produced by Davide Bigazzi and Angelo Licata. Other elements of the team include LOI, Dario Mollo’s Damage Studio, RCL Sound Studio, and V-Twins. All though this is not an exhaustive list it gives an idea of the number of people that it took to bring DARK RESURRECTION to life. The thing that is most amazing is that the entire movie is a labor of love in that no one was paid to take part in the movie. The only costs to make the movie were the set materials, the costumes, the props and the actual camera. None of the actors, external co-workers or anyone in any case was paid! Each of them worked just for the fun of it and for the passion that drove them.

The special effects in the film were produced by LOI (Lords of Illusion). The LOI team created virtual sets, every 3D element, made the compositing, and the integration of the various scenes. LOI also made all the saber beams scenes, frame by frame, with a quality that’s not any less accurate than what can be seen in the original films. Many of the costumes, particularly the Jedi and the Sith ones, were made in house by hand. Carmen and Rosy Caci created all the Jedi costumes except for Aron’s costume which was created by Stoker Costumes, purposely for the prologue. The military uniforms of Ammirail Zail, of the bridge officers and one of the Lord Drown costumes are property of some external collaborators in every corner of Italy (among some: Stefania Zeni and Amedeo Tecchio).

With the interpretive skills of Fabrizio Cardone the teams International Relations person, Warcry was able to get a brief interview with the film’s director Angelo Licata.

SWG WarCry Q&A: Dark Resurrection
Answers by Angelo “Atilak ” Licata (Director, Dark Resurrection)
Questions by David “Ara” Greene (Assistant Site Manager,

WarCry: What where some of your inspirations in the Star Wars universe while creating this movie?

Angelo Licata: The greatest inspirations came from videogames, first of all Knight of the Old Republic, both first and the second parts have created in me the right questions, and the answer is Dark Resurrection.

WarCry: How long did the project take you from beginning to end?

Angelo Licata: From the concept to completion almost three years.

WarCry: Do you intend to continue with the story line?

Angelo Licata: Of course absolutely yes, and the best is yet to come!

WarCry: Do you know if Lucas has seen the movie?

Angelo Licata: I know for certain that he has seen Trailer C, when we asked Lucasfilm to authorize the Theatre screening for the Premiere in Sanremo. The answer was that the Trailer was “truly Amazing” and that we could show it on the restriction that is must be free for the public to view (which was already our intentions).

WarCry: Has anyone on the team played Star Wars Galaxies?

Angelo Licata: I played it for a while, I was alternating both Kotor and Galaxies. Then I stopped as I got too busy, but even said that I might get back at it again one day.

WarCry: Dark Resurrection is an incredible Star Wars based film, what other movies have you been involved with?

Angelo Licata: This is my first movie, I am involved in other movie types thanks to the exposure that Dark Resurrection had here in Italy, as it was mentioned in all the most important papers and magazines, with very long and colored articles.

WarCry: If you could be anyone or anything in the Star Wars Universe what or who would you be?

Angelo Licata: I feel very close to Luke Skywalker, he has been my hero for along time.

SWG WarCry would like to thank Angelo Licata for this wonderful addition to the Star Wars Universe. The full film can be downloaded from the Dark Resurrection site.

Azureus users can find the HD version of the movie with English subtitles by launching their Azureus client, searching for Dark Resurrection, and selecting the English version.

A special thanks also goes out to Fabrizio Cardone the teams International Relations person for acting as a interpreter and assisting SWG WarCry with information about the film.

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