StarCraft Universe MORPG Reaches Kickstarter Goal


The fan-made free-to-play mod based on StarCraft II — with Blizzard’s permission — will open its beta later this year at the earliest.

A mod set in the StarCraft universe is going to become a reality. StarCraft Universe, with Blizzard’s blessings, looked to Kickstarter for fundraising for the multi-player online RPG and collected enough money to meet its goal on time. The funding will close tomorrow at 8:46 pm EDT.

The $80,000 will pay for an open beta for the mod, which should be available later this year or early next year. The next stretch goal is at $100,000 and includes the Zerg character class.

StarCraft Universe tells an alternate story where the ending of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has a grim conclusion in which the protoss are defeated. “In this reality, what would the survivors of these shattered worlds do? StarCraft Universe tells this story,” the project’s Kickstarter page says.

The objective of the game is to reimagine the real-time shooter StarCraft from a third-person RPG view. Players will be challenged to master a wide variety of missions and raiding experiences. The focus of the game is on having a team of players and creating characters, which they use to battle enemy forces and powerful bosses. The mod will have custom model assets, a variety of classes, customizable weapons, single and multiplayer experiences, a vehicle system, item crafting, an ability system, an original soundtrack, and voiced cutscenes.

To play the mod, those interested need to have a account and already have StarCraft II or the free StarCraft II: Starter Edition.

Source: Kickstarter

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