Classic horror novel The Shining is getting a sequel, starring a group of elderly vampires driving RVs.

Novelist Stephen King has been teasing fans of The Shining with the possibility of a sequel since 2009. Speaking at a book reading for Under The Dome, King remarked that he wanted to write a sequel called Dr. Sleep, that would tell the story of a grown-up Danny Torrance (the heroic little boy from the original story) and where his psychic powers had taken him in life. The initial rumors of Dr. Sleep were quickly crushed, but it turns out that this was more than wishful thinking: Stephen King is officially working on a new Shining novel, and it’s still called Dr. Sleep.

The video seen here is from King’s appearance at George Mason University, where he read an excerpt from the book. At the same time, the author’s website acknowledged that the sequel is indeed happening, although the actual information is pretty sparse:

It’s now official–Stephen is working on Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. This weekend Steve read an excerpt from this at his appearance at George Mason University. They have given us permission to post their taping of the event here on Steve’s site which we will do as soon as we receive the file. Dr. Sleep‘s plot includes a traveling group of vampires called The Tribe which is part of the passage he read from.

So far, this pretty great, though I was saddened that no updates on Danny were provided by King at this point. That said, the description of The Tribe in this video is certainly entertaining, and the excerpt King reads does a nice job of mixing eeriness and black humor. Admit it: It’s pretty hard not to grin when you think of geriatric vampires terrorizing highways while wearing stretch pants and “floppy golf hats.”

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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