Stolen Pixels

Stolen Pixels #108: A Young Man’s Guide to Overlording




You may remember a few months ago I had a comic on Overlord that indulged in verse. So I was thrilled to discover that Overlord II features its very own resident poet. Quaver the minion is your one-eyed sycophantic bard. A sort of bootlick beatnik. Each victory in the game will result in him having another couplet to recite for you.

Fair warning: One of these days I’m going to do a Villanelle. I need to find the right game for it, first. (And by “right game”, I mean, “that last game in the world about which anyone should attempt to write a Villanelle”.) I am of the opinion that you cannot go wrong by adding poetry to a game. Any game. Actually, it doesn’t have to be strictly poetry. Any sort of rhyming verse will do.

When “Halo: The Musical” hits Broadway, you know who to blame.

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