Stolen Pixels

Stolen Pixels #129: Champions In Line




During the tutorial of Champions Online, I saved the city by defeating Black Talon. He’s fifteen feet tall, but as he’s the tutorial finale he’s also the biggest pushover in the game.

Still, I could take some some sort of quasi-pride in pulling it off if not for the fact that people keep walking up to other heroes in the street and thanking them for doing the same thing. Sure, I saved the city. So did every single other superhero fumbling around the world. It sort of takes the joy out of the accomplishment. This is true in every MMO, but the NPCs in Champs Online go out of their way to draw attention to it.

The club depicted in the comic actually exists in the game, and it has changed my perception of superheroes. Judging by how the NPC superheroes dress and act, the place is a meat market. A place for super-powered sluts to hook up. It’s sort of sad and lame to see them hanging out in their tights, dancing badly and staring into space.

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