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Stolen Pixels #137: Breen Interviews Commander Shepard




The plot of Mass Effect 2 looks a lot darker than the original. Hopefully they are going for Empire Strikes Back darker and not Warrior Within darker. Ugh.

Mass Effect 2 will have a cool feature that will let it use one of your end-of-game saves from the original as a starting point for the sequel. The decisions you made last game will carry forward into the next game.

My problem is I can’t tell my saves apart. I went through the game four times. Some good. Some evil. Some neutral. I can at least tell the male from the female play-throughs, but I can’t remember the outcome of individual quests, what decisions I made or what romance plots I followed in each.

And I think I’m probably better off than most. I played the game this past year. For people who got Mass Effect on launch day, it will be over two years between games. I don’t know about you young people, but at my age my memory is too poor to keep track of game plots that long.

Also, the plot of Mass Effect 2 looks a lot darker than the original.

Wait. Did I say that already?

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