Stolen Pixels

Stolen Pixels #138: On the Borderbus




I am enamored of the Borderlands intro cinematic, which hooks you with a bit of humor and a catchy tune, perfectly setting the mood for what is one of the richest gameworlds I’ve seen this year.

Each of the four characters in the game has a special power, and they are pretty much as I depict them in the comic. Everyone else has firepower and future toys, and Mordecai has a bird he can activate that will go out and deal modest damage to a single target. It’s generally not worth lowering your weapon to activate it, since you can probably just shoot the guy to death in the time it takes for your bird to get over there and peck him. Given the room-clearing powers everyone else has, it seems kind of uninspired and weak.

That minor complaint aside, I think Mordecai is my favorite character so far. He’s a sniper, and I’m a murderous coward, so we have a lot in common.

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