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Stolen Pixels #141: After Curfew, Episode 5




PC gamers are still reeling from the loss
of dedicated server support in Modern Warfare 2
, followed by a
similar announcement for Rage
. It’s a big deal to a lot of PC gamers and there’s no mistaking that this is a landmark moment. I don’t really blame Infinity Ward for making decisions that are in their best economic interest. Dedicated servers are an aspect of the product made solely for PC players, and if it’s not worth the investment then they can hardly be blamed for making wise business decisions. We PC gamers are just starting to get a taste of how it’s felt to be a Mac gamer for the last twenty years.

But I do think Infinity Ward messed up. They should have been honest and simply said, “Sorry. No dedicated servers. We know you love them, but it ain’t gonna happen.” Instead they began this ridiculous and outrageous effort to try and convince PC gamers that this thing which was obviously and manifestly bad for them was, in fact, a happy thing.

An improvement. This carried the implied insult, “We think you’re too stupid to know what you like,” which only added insult to injury.

The whole PR debacle was like telling a guy who just lost both of his legs that he’s going to be rich because he’ll never have to buy shoes again. I know public relations people are pre-programed to lie in all situations, but this is one of those cases where perhaps honesty was at least worth a shot.

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