Yes, this was a strange way to wrap things up, but strange things are the order of the day around here. The big thing going on in late-night television is that former and future Tonight Show host Jay Leno and current and soon to be former host Conan O’Brian have been fighting over hosting the show, or moving the show, or some kind of crazy thing. I don’t know. The story changes every day. I realize that most people outside of the U.S. (and a lot of people inside the U.S.) don’t know or care about it, but it’s eating up the headlines around here.

They have been talking about moving the Tonight Show from 11:35pm to 12:05am. So, the Tonight Show would really be the tomorrow morning show. This is a television show that has been on at the same time for half a century. A show which is decades older than videogames. (For me the move wouldn’t make any difference. On the exceptionally rare cases I watch TV, I do so time-shifted via Netflix or Hulu or whatever.)

It looks to me like the younger generation supports Conan (team CoCo) and the older set is behind Leno. (Team Leno.) I’m behind Conan. I think when you hand over a late-night show there should be some sort of implicit “no takebacks” rule in effect.

So in my comic, I like to imagine that Rorschach found Leno and administered justice.

Which team are you on?

Shamus Young is a programmer and writer by trade, videogame nitpicker by inclination. If you have the patience for more of his ramblings, they can be found here.

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