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Stolen Pixels #176: The Best Webcomic




The final webcomic showdown of ultimate destiny has ended, and the winner has been announced. Out of Tens is a solid comic with great art, lots of giggles, and an interesting protagonist. Congratulations goes to Grey Carter and Cory Rydell. Everyone’s calling them the winners, but they have to do work and the rest of us get to read a cool comic, so I’m feeling kind of like the real winners are everyone who is not Carter or Rydell.

I have no idea what happens next. They don’t let me near the business end of things. My editor just sends me a note that says, “Make funny,” and then I put word bubbles on screenshots and everyone seems happy with that. But hopefully we’ll get to see more Out of Tens? At some point? I dunno.

I should also give a shout-out to Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. It turned out to be a fan favorite and I feel bad for not giving it more attention when we all picked our favorites. And if you’re really hungry for webcomics, feel free to peruse the full gallery of entries.

Hundreds of people worked for many hours and then the judges spent more hours sorting through them and building this whole viewing / browsing system. Understand that a massive amount of effort went into bringing you these few fleeting moments of entertainment.

Isn’t the internet awesome?

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