Eagle-eyed readers may recognize this one as a homage to the famous Speechless print in honor of legendary voice performer Mel Blanc.

As mentioned on Wednesday, Robert Culp – voice of Dr. Breen – died this week. Most gamers knew him as Dr. Breen, but I grew up thinking of him as “That Jerkface FBI Guy” on the early 80’s show The Greatest American Hero. (I was 10 when it premiered, and I adored the show.)

Culp’s performance of Wallace Breen was brilliant. He perfectly captured a man who did horrifying evil, yet thought himself the good guy, right up to the end. This would have been an easy thing to mess up, but Culp brought us a villain that was very understandable and human.

I don’t know what I’ll do with Breen from this point out. There’s no reason to retire After Curfew, but I might give it a break for a few weeks.

Farewell Robert Culp. Thanks for the great entertainment.

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