I know a lot of people are probably sick of the whole “games are [not] art” thing we’ve been doing lately. But I’ve wanted to play around with a Max Payne comic for ages, and this seems like a really good excuse.

Some people have solicited my opinion on the matter. I hate to just point to something someone else wrote and say, “That’s my opinion”, because doing so feels lazy. But Yahtzee’s take on the matter is basically indistinguishable from mine. I disagree with Roger Ebert, but I am not filled with boiling rage over his proclamation, either.

For some perspective: I turn 40 next year, yet Ebert has been writing, entertaining, and fathering interesting discussions since before I was born. I would hope that after a long run like that the public would allow me to hold an unpopular opinion without me becoming a pariah.

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