In high school I remember having these long arguments about who would win various lightsaber duels. One variable was that at the time, neither the Emperor or Yoda was depicted as using a lightsaber. The argument was that maybe Palpatine, like, didn’t need a lightsaber? Maybe the lightning was so strong he didn’t bother to carry one? Maybe he was too old for direct fighting? And maybe Yoda was such a pacifist that he didn’t carry one, either?

Then the prequels came along and answered all our questions. And now I wish we could go back to not knowing.

I will say that for people who grew up on Star Wars Original Flavor, Vader’s apprentice seems incredibly overpowered in this game. Mild spoiler: He can eventually face the emperor. I won’t tell you how that turns out, but I will say that the game depicts the apprentice as doing unbelievably well, especially considering that Palpatine fights like a coward and brings in about a dozen extra dudes to fight with him.

Still, fun game.

Also: Would somebody PLEASE implement my dueling gameplay idea? Hit points and lightsabers do not mix.

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