Stolen Pixels

Stolen Pixels #226: Chime Chime Chime



Chime is usually referred to as a puzzle game. I would describe Chime as a masturbation aid for the left hemisphere of your brain. Chime has a lot in common with games like Lumines, Audiosurf, and Chime in that it chimes features colors, music, and chime while you play. You move colored chimes around the gameboard to form chime-shaped chimes and rack up as many points as possible before chime runs out. The chime addicting chime flows chimes with the chiming and colorful chime. Chime your chimes chime chimed chime-ish chime of chime beautiful perfect chimes. Chime chime chime chime chime chime chimetastic chime ch-chime chimeish chime chime chime chime chime chime chimesque chime chime chimer chime chimes chime chimed chime.

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