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Stolen Pixels #231: The History of Civilization, Part 2



Yeah, I know Critical Miss did the Gandhi joke last Tuesday. But you just can’t talk about the Civ series without talking about having a war with crazy-ass Ghandi.

On the emerging flamewar arising out of changes to the series:

It’s fine if you hate this new iteration. A lot was changed, and since everyone has different tastes those changes are bound to alienate some people. It’s also fine if you love this new version. What is not fine is being angry with people in the other group. It really is a pointless idiot slap-fight watching you two religious factions claim to be true fans and call each other names. Thanks for making the internet a little more stupid, guys. Allow me to take this opportunity to vomit on you on behalf of everyone else. I’d love to see how you guys would behave if you found yourselves in a situation where you cared about something that actually matters.

And yeah, Civilization V crashes every once in a long while. It shouldn’t. They should fix that.

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