Someday, they will compile the great list of annoying bastard villains. Among the likes of Sephiroth, Gary Oak, Dr. Robotnik, and Dr. Breen, I hope someone reserves a spot for that son of a bitch, Tom Nook. Oh, you just worked for five days in a row to pay off your debt to me? Well nice try, but now you owe me TEN TIMES AS MUCH.

There is something really disturbing about that wily little rodent. When I try to save the earth from Jenova, or the Combine, then I expect some kind of spirited resistance. But Tom Nook isn’t picking on heroes. He’s enslaving little kids that blunder haplessly into his town and then controlling them through predatory lending practices.

Next time Nintendo is choosing which three or four hundred of their characters should go in the next Super Smash Brothers game, I hope they put Tom Nook in there. I’d love to give that guy a beating.

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