(Note: I made this comic using ToonDoo, pretty much because I wanted to screw around with it. I mention this because every time I try something new, a couple of people assume this new thing will be the shape of the comic, now and forever.)

The story about the Homefront review scores is an odd one. THQ Vice President Danny Bilson is essentially arguing with his own audience and telling them they should have liked the game more than they did. He also claims that “you can’t apply math to art”. (This, I agree with.) And then he turns around and says he hopes the next game scores 100. So which is it? Do you value review scores or not, Dan?

I can’t shake the feeling that if Homefront had scored 100, Bilson would be evangelizing the notion that you could indeed apply math to art, and that the score was irrefutable mathematical proof of the greatness of Homefront. It would be as unshakable as gravitational theory. THQ has not taken a principled stand. It has simply looked down in the bed it has made, and announced it prefers sleeping on the couch.

I agree that the game isn’t a 71 … I’d score it lower.

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